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A Day in the Life: ‘A Coffee in Berlin’ Movie Review

The 2012 German film 'A Coffee in Berlin' tracks a day in the life of law school dropout Niko Fischer as he struggles to find direction and purpose—and a cup of coffee. 'A Coffee in Berlin' is funny, ironic, and melancholy, and ultimately hopeful. For coffee lovers, it validates the notion that sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee to make the world right again.

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A Market Scheme in 17th-Century Amsterdam: ‘The Coffee Trader’ Book Review

The Coffee Trader is a suspenseful historical novel about a commodities trader in 1659 Amsterdam who hatches a bold scheme to corner the fledgling coffee market. Miguel Lienzo, a Portuguese Jew who fled to Amsterdam to escape the Inquisition, is a trader on the Exchange. When he sees an opportunity to build his fortune by controlling the coffee market, he can’t resist, despite the many risks.

Batting Triple Crown Winners in the Major Leagues

Only 22 players have won the batting Triple Crown in the Major Leagues, including the Negro Leagues that have Major League status. Here's the complete list of the Triple Crown winners with profiles of the players, their Triple Crown seasons, and their other accomplishments in their baseball careers.

How Coffee Fueled the 1932 Brazilian Olympic Team

Coffee was the fuel that got the 1932 Brazil Olympic team to the Xth Olympiad in Los Angeles. Brazil's athletes did not have much success in the Olympic competitions, but the story of their unique journey to the 1932 Olympic Games will always have a place in both Olympic lore and coffee history.