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A Day in the Life: ‘A Coffee in Berlin’ Movie Review

The 2012 German film ‘A Coffee in Berlin’ tracks a day in the life of law school dropout Niko Fischer as he struggles to find direction and purpose—and a cup of coffee. ‘A Coffee in Berlin’ is funny, ironic, and melancholy, and ultimately hopeful. For coffee lovers, it validates the notion that sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee to make the world right again.

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Love, No Matter the Price: ‘Original Sin’ Movie Review

Original Sin is a 2001 thriller (usually described as an “erotic” thriller) starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie in a tale of love, deception, murder — and coffee. For coffee aficionados, it’s a plus that in this version of the story Luis owns a coffee plantation and a coffee export business. And it’s an especially nice touch that several plot turns, including the climax, are marked by Luis drinking cups of coffee, shot in close-up. Can a cup of coffee change your day? How about your life?

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