A Market Scheme in 17th-Century Amsterdam: ‘The Coffee Trader’ Book Review

The Coffee Trader is a suspenseful historical novel about a commodities trader in 1659 Amsterdam who hatches a bold scheme to corner the fledgling coffee market. Miguel Lienzo, a Portuguese Jew who fled to Amsterdam to escape the Inquisition, is a trader on the Exchange. When he sees an opportunity to build his fortune by controlling the coffee market, he can’t resist, despite the many risks.

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The World in a Cup: ‘The Various Flavors of Coffee’ Book Review

‘The Various Flavors of Coffee’ by Anthony Capella is a captivating historical novel that follows the life and loves of Robert Wallis, a bohemian would-be poet whose life is dramatically changed by a cup of coffee. One morning at the Café Royal in London in 1896, a coffee merchant overhears Wallis’s remark that his coffee is “rusty” and offers him a job to help develop a standard “vocabulary of coffee.” Accepting the challenge, Wallis embarks on a journey in the coffee trade that will transform his life.

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Coffee Quotations from Classic Literature

Coffee quotations from classic literary works, including novels, poetry, and more, are a testament to coffee’s longstanding popularity and to the enduring link between reading and coffee. This article highlights a small sample of favorite coffee quotations from classic works of literature.

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